St. Joseph tidbits

Hello, A.D. 2020!

As we begin the New Year, in the spirit of thankfulness, we wish to acknowledge the people behind St. Joseph Church

Administrator: Uriel Salamanca

Deacon: Pat Patterson

Trustees: Rick Flamm, Karl Sweitzer, Jr.

Members: Paulette Aronson, Jeannine Cerny, Mike Most, Jim Poletti, Geof Skinner, Samantha Sweitzer, Joel Vercide, Raymond Wacker

Liturgy committee: Fr. Uriel Salamanca, Deacon Pat Patterson

Paulette Aronson (Chairwoman), Patty Flamm (Altar), Tom Cerny (Adult Education)

Service in the Absence of a Priest:  Tom Cerny and Joe Pineau 

Youth Liturgy:  Jill Skinner , Geof Skinner 

Lector/Minister schedule:  Nathan Sweitzer (Altar Servers), 

Jean Cash, Jeanne Wacker and Stan Pearson (Music)

Parish School of Religion: Jill Skinner, Paulette Aronson

PSR Teachers: Jenny Applegate, Lori Brummer, Maria Carmona, Tom Cerny, Lori Cohen, Celia Godinez, Joe Pineau, Jim Poletti, Connie Vincent, Jill and Geof Skinner, Jeanne and

Raymond Wacker

Planning, VBS and Music: Paulette Aronson, Jean Cash, Jill Skinner, Connie Vincent

Ladies Sodality: Loraine McGee, President, Connie Vincent, Vice President Debbie Russell, Secretary,

Members: All Ladies of the Parish

Cobden Knights of Columbus:

Caleb Aronson, Daniel Brumleve, Harold Brumleve, Kenneth Brumleve,

Kevin Brumleve, Tom Cerny, Dan Cirilla, Larry Dale, Michael Eck, Charles Flamm, Kenneth Flamm, Richard Flamm, Mark Haddick, Joe Hogan, Ray Hogan, Tex Lehr,John Lintz, Robert Lintz, Jim Poletti, John Patrick Russell, Pat Patterson

Thank you to all who have given their time and talents, mostly behind the scenes, for the service of our Parish, including all volunteers, donors, sponsors, and Prayer Warriors. Thank you! Muchas gracias!



From the Diocese: Respect Life Corner: Working Together in Humility-“That all of you may agree in what you say, and that there be no division among you.” The text is taken from the first Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians, 1: 10-13 and illustrates the need for all Christians to work together and to encourage one another as we seek to bring out the kingdom of God here on Earth. Christ Jesus among us is the walking Kingdom of Heaven and He has set a place for each one of us. Christ encourages us to turn away from our old sinful ways, rather it be attitudes or prejudice and to embrace a new attitude of unconditional love for others (agape) as we realize the divine presence of God before us. This realization that God is in all people clears our vision and fills our hearts. We cry out to the Lord, “Teach us to be hungry for this living and true bread!” Our hearts must grow until all we know is Jesus, whom the Father loves above all things.

Learn, Act, Connect, Pray: Every stranger who knocks at our door is an opportunity for an encounter with Jesus Christ, who identifies with the welcome and rejected strangers for every age. Who are the strangers in your life that you may open your heart to? Consider teaching English or Civics lessons at the international Institute in St. Louis., reach out to the poor in our area, through monetary donations to St. Vincent de Paul and donate gently used items to SVDP and The Salvation Army. Pray that we can keep open hearts and open minds.

From the Diocese: Messenger our subscription renewal weekend it is February 1-2, 2020! Please stay “connected” through a subscription to The Messenger. Payments can be made in The Messenger envelope or online at Subscription cost: Print - $25.00, Electronic - $25.00, Both - $30.00.

From the Diocese: If you or someone you know is facing a Crisis Pregnancy, please know that there is help and hope. Please pick up an informational resource flyer for yourself and to give to anyone who might need it. It may also be placed somewhere visible and accessible to people who may need such information. Thank you!

From the USCCB Pro-life Office: “The annual, pro-life novena, 9 Days for Life, starts Tuesday, January 21! We encourage you to take thirty (30) seconds to download or update the novena app now so you are ready to go when the novena begins next week. If your android our iOS app is not set to automatically update, all you have to do is visit your apps store and press update. Invite your friends to join thousands of Catholics praying for the protection of human life. Together, we can make a difference!” Please also pray for the success of the March for Life which will be held Friday, January 24, 2020 in D.C.

Having Coffee and Donuts more than just hits the spot, it gives us a chance to spend a few relaxing and savoring moments to get to know and catch up with YOU, our fellow parishioners and welcome those new or visiting St. Joseph! Come into the Hall after the Mass and grab a donut or two with your drink. The Parish would love to share this time with you. Everyone is welcome!

The Lighter Side: Ed Sheeran wrote a song for the installation of a cardinal at the head of a Vatican congregation. The lyrics were, “Darling, you look PERFECT tonight.” 

Stewardship of Treasure

January 12, 2020

Offering: $1, 666.05

First Offering: $18.00

New Year: $125.00

General Fund: $1, 809.05

Building Fund: $95.00

Thank you for your continued support of St. Joseph and the Church