January 7, 2017
The Epiphany
of the Lord
Mass Intensions

8:00 AM Fran Phillips
10:15 AM Leo and Geraldine
Stadelbacher Family
5:00 PM Spanish Mass
For St. Joseph Parish

Monday, January 8
The Baptism of the Lord
8:15 AM Edwin Flamm

Tuesday, January 9
St. Adrian
8:15 AM Maria Amezquita

Wednesday, January 10
St. William of Bourges
8:15 AM Elnor Niffenegger
8:45 AM Rosary

Thursday, January 11
St. Theodosius the Cenobiarch
8:15 AM Charles Bacon

Friday, January 12
St. Marguerite Bourgeoys
8:15 AM Clara Bowie
8:45 AM Chaplet of the
Divine Mercy

Saturday, January 13
St. Hilary
8:15 AM Colin Higgins

The Rosary is prayed every Sunday, beginning
30 minutes before the start of each Mass.


Birthdays and

January 1 Ryan Brumleve
January 1 Stephanie Brumleve
January 1 Sue Brumleve
January 1 Jim Selinger
January 3 Dorothy Cirilla
January 5 Mike Cash
January 6 Kevin Brumleve
January 7 Chris Flamm
January 9 Sonny Basler
January 11 Karen Winzenburger

We Pray for

Those who are serving our nation and the military (Active Duty):
Scott Borne, Aaron Cerny, Theron Sweitzer,  Devin Vitt.

Those in need of healing:  Laura Bacon, Sonny Balser, Donny Campbell, Richard Cerny, Bob Lintz, Sarah Mann, Becky Morgan, Missy O’Daniel , Stan Pearson, Judah Pope, Dick and Kay Schaefer, Mary Sitter, Maureen Theesfeld, Reed Uekman, Celeste and Rob Williams, Denins York, Sr.

Those In Nursing Homes:
Bill Boysen, Irene Cash, Mary Kula, Kathy McCullough, Ralph Noel, Barbara Sweitzer, Vernon Wyatt.

For Hospital Requests, please call Fr. Uriel (618-893-2276)Names of those in need of healing will be on the prayer list for four weeks.  If you wish a name to remain on the list, please resubmit the information to Luisa Vercide (618-967-4452) or Molly Davidson (618-893-4743).