Eleventh Sunday
Ordinary Time

June 17, 2018

Mass Intensions

8:00 AM Javier Malda
10:15 AM Leo and Geraldine
Stadelbacher Family
5:00 PM Spanish Mass
Fran Phillips

Monday, June 18
8:15 AM Vicki Lyerla

Tuesday, June 19
8:15 AM Shane Coleman

Wednesday, June 20
8:15 AM Don Tripp
8:45 AM Rosary

Thursday, June 21
8:15 AM John McCullough

Friday, June 22
8:15 AM Vincent Vercide
8:45 AM Divine Mercy Chaplet

Saturday, June 23
8:15 AM Stuart Selinger
7:00 PM Dedication Mass at
St. Joseph Cemetery


June 2 Karl Sweitzer, Jr.
June 4 Jasmine Stadelbacher
June 5 Jill and Geof Skinner
June 12 Pam and Jim Barr
June 12 Aleshia Wright
June 14 Paulette Aronson
June 16 Jim Barr
June 18 Betty and Roger Abney
June 22 Anita and Karl Sweitzer
June 25 Addison Ebberts
June 25 Andrew Ebberts
June 30 Jean Cash
June 30 Bailey Flamm

We Pray for

Those who are serving our nation and the military (Active Duty):
Scott Borne, Aaron Cerny, Theron Sweitzer,  Devin Vitt, Hayden Young

Those in need of healing: Laura Bacon, Sr. Joan Backes, Sonny Basler, Fr. Federico Higuera, Robert Lintz, John Morgan, Dean Palisoc, Dominic Pedrotty, Monsignor Ken Schaefer, Charles Stadelbacher, Cardicus and Margot Sterns

Those In Nursing Homes:
Bill Boysen, Irene Cash, Mary Kula, Kathy McCullough, Ralph Noel, Barbara Sweitzer, Vernon Wyatt.

Names of those in need of healing will be on the prayer list for four weeks.  If you wish a name to remain on the list, please call or text Luisa Vercide (618-967-4452.