Let us honor and pray for all Veterans and those who are currently in the service of protecting our country today. Veterans Day.  Thank you and God bless you!

St. Joseph Pastoral Information
Pastor:  Father Uriel Salamanca         (618) 713-8257           fr.uriel.salamanca@gmail.com
Deacon:  Pat Patterson                       (618) 893-2154           pat@pattersoncentral.com
Trustees:  Rick Flamm                         (618) 893-4953  Richard.flamm@hillmangroup.com         Karl Sweitzer, Jr.                                  (618) 697-4754           karl_sweitzer@Hotmail.com         
Parish Council:  Joe Pineau                 (618) 697-6795           4jope4@gmail.com             Liturgy:  Paulette Aronson                  (618) 893-2882           artteacher37@hotmail.com            PSR:  Jill Skinner                               (618) 893-2289           skinnerstudiosjillgeof@gmail.com
Ladies Sodality:  Debbie Russell        (618) 521-1062          debrarussell@jalc.edu               Sherry Haddick                                  (618) 559-4347          sherryhaddick@yahoo.com             Cemetery:          Gary Wiggs              (618) 967-7116          garydwiggs@gmail.com             Cobden K of C:   Joe Pineau              (618) 697-6795         4jope4@gmail.com

Parish Calendar at a Glance
November 11 (Sunday): Veterans Day; PSR Child Protection Workshop Pre-K – 5th Grades
November 13 (Tuesday): 7:00 PM Extraordinary Ministers Training
November 14 (Wednesday): 7:00 PM Turkey Bingo
November 15 (Thursday): 7:00 PM St. Joseph Bowling (open to all) at the Anna Strike Zone
November 17 (Saturday): Boy Scout Troop #44 Scouting for Food bags pick up
November 18 (Sunday): Parish Council Election; PSR Child Protection Workshop 6th Grade – High School
November 20 (Tuesday): 7:30 PM Liturgy Readings Study with Deacon Pat
November 22 (Thursday): Thanksgiving Day
November 25 (Sunday): Christ the King; Thanksgiving holiday – no PSR
November 27 (Tuesday): 7:30 PM Liturgy Readings Study with Deacon Pat
December 1 (Saturday): Christmas Bazaar and Bake Sale with Soup Lunch
December 2 (Sunday): First Sunday of Advent
December 5 (Wednesday): 7:00 PM St. Joseph Communal Penance Service
December 6 (Thursday): 6:30 PM St. Mary Communal Penance Service
December 7 (Friday): Eucharistic Adoration; 7:00 PM First Friday Mass and Benediction
December 8 (Saturday): Feast of the Immaculate Conception; Holy Day of Obligation;
8:15 AM St. Mary of the Feast Day Mass

For information about ST. MARY of the Immaculate Conception schedule and activities, you may access their Facebook page (same name) or their website (stmaryanna.com).

St. Joseph will have an Extraordinary Ministers Training led by Father Uriel and Deacon Pat next month, November 13 at 7:00 PM. This training is for all current and new ministers and will include instructions for Mass as well is hospital and home visits. Diocesan guidelines recommend this training to be done every three years. If you want to sign up as a new member and for other questions, please call Patty at (618) 697-0952.

The annual Turkey Bingo Night will be held on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 from 7:00-9:00 PM in the Parish Hall. Twenty-five (25) games will be played at $5.00 per card. Complimentary refreshments will also be provided. Mark your calendars and invite family and friends for this enjoyably lively event. Who knows? You might win your Thanksgiving turkey!

The Anna Boy Scout Troop #44 will be picking up their SCOUTING-FOR-FOOD bags in Cobden next Saturday, November 17, 2018. We encourage everyone to support the Anna Troop in this community service by participating in the Drive.

There are three members of the PARISH COUNCIL whose terms expire in December of this year. Since the Council has voted to reduce the number of members on the Council, only ONE new member will be elected. If you would like to serve on the Parish Council or would like to recommend someone, please contact any member the Council or Father Uriel. The election will be held next Sunday, November 18th.

Las Posadas, plays about the journey of Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem, the search for an inn and the birth of Jesus, will be held at the Anna Arts Center on November 18 at 2:00 PM. If you are an adult volunteer or have or know of children who would like to be involved in the La Posada play, please contact Father Uriel. Our children help us spread the wonderful story of our Lord, Jesus!

The Catholic Service and Ministry Appeal…using your gifts to serve one another. On behalf of the ministries and programs funded by THE CATHOLIC SERVICE AND MINISTRY APPEAL and those they serve, we thank you for your prayers and continue generosity to the 2018 campaign. May you and your families feel the warmth of God’s love and the comfort of His Peace at Thanksgiving and always.

Calling for Donations for the upcoming St. Joseph Bazaar this December 1, 2018! This FUNdraiser will feature Christmas as well as eclectic assortment of items to sell. A $5 Soup Lunch can also be purchased during the event. The Christmas Bazaar is the Sodality’s main source of income so your assistance and generosity will help make it successful. Raffle Ticket special items are most needed along with baked goods, candies, crafts of all kinds, Christmas decor, or any other items you wish to donate. Please contact Loraine McGee or Debbie Russell for questions and donations.

On the Lighter Side…
“Hello, Bill,” said Jim, meeting a buddy for the first time in a long while. “Did you marry that girl you used to go with or are you still doing your own cooking and ironing?” “Yes,” replied Bill.

Stewardship of Treasure

November 4, 2018

Offering:  $1, 656.50
World Mission:  $10.00
All Saints Day:  $190.00
All Souls Day:  $65.00
General Fund:  $1, 921.50
For the Needy:  $50.00
Building Fund:  $130.00

Thank you for your continued
support of St. Joseph’s Church

Offertory Gifts
If you would like to have your name added to the list of those who carry up the Offertory gifts, please contact Sherry Haddick. We would like to include as many on this list as possible. If you want your name moved to the other Mass or removed from the list, let Sherry know of these changes as well. Thank you.

Like Us on Facebook
St. Joseph Church is now on Facebook. You can find us at St. Joseph’s Church, Cobden . Make sure you put the apostrophe in “Joseph’s”. Thanks Jeannine Cerny for managing the page.

Mass Schedule
Monday – Saturday:  8:15 AM
First Friday:  7:00 PM
Sunday:  8:00 AM, 10:15 AM
5:00 PM (Spanish)

Eucharistic Adoration                                                                                                                  On the First Friday of most months, 12 continuous hours of Eucharistic Adoration begin at 8 AM and end at 8 PM. Mass and Benediction are at 7 PM. All are welcome. Look for sign-up sheets Back of church.

Reconciliation/Confession                                                                                                  Before Masses
First Fridays:  6:00-6:45 PM
First Saturdays:  8:45-9:30 AM
Fr. Uriel may also be called anytime for
an appointment.

St. Joseph Catholic Church                                                                               www.stjosephcobden.com
101 North Centennial St., PO Box 237, Cobden, IL 62920
Church 618.893.2276
Parish Hall 618.893.2368
Pastor: Fr. Uriel Salamanca
Deacon: Pat Patterson
Trustees: Rick Flamm and Karl Sweitzer, Jr.
Parish Council President: Patty Blakely

Bulletin Deadline                                                                                                                       The deadline to submit an item for the bulletin is Thursday evening.  You can email it to: luwizahgal@yahoo.com and/or sherryhaddick@yahoo.com . You can also call Luisa Vercude (618)967-4452.