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St. Anne’s Sodality meeting will be Wednesday, February 25 at 6:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall. All ladies (18 and above) of the Parish are invited to attend.

Stations of the Cross begins Friday, the 20th at 7:00 p.m. and will continue on all Fridays of Lent. Lent, which began last Wednesday, February 18 (Ash Wednesday) is a time of preparation for the death of Christ on Good Friday and His Resurrection on Easter Sunday. It is a period of 40 days of repentance, with prayer, fasting and abstinence, and Confession. Join us pray and meditate on the Stations of the Cross.

A great opportunity for Charity for this season of Lent can be found right here in our own Parish. You will find a basket at the back of the church where you can drop canned goods and other food items for the Church Food Pantry. The Pantry serves the needy among us here in Cobden and the immediate Union County. There is also the CRS Rice Bowl, a faith-in-action program for families and faith communities to alleviate hunger and poverty in 40-45 countries, including the US. Now a tradition of millions of Catholics in the US, Rice Bowl Boxes are used to collect Lenten alms. Please get a box before leaving St. Joseph. “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited me in.” (Matthew 25:35).

Lenten Fish Fries starts Friday, February 20 at 5:00-7:00 p.m. and will continue every Friday thru March 27, 2015. We will need kitchen help during that time and clean-up help from 7:00-8:00 p.m. We are also in need of homemade desserts. Please contact Carl Dasenbrock for more information and if you can help out in any way. Come out and spend your Fridays with the Church, enjoying good food and great fellowship.

Weather permitting, Choir practice for Holy Week – Easter will be held on Mondays at 7:00 p.m. in the Choir loft, beginning February 23, 2015. Singers of any age are welcome. If you are interested and for any questions, please call Jeanne Wacker, (618) 559-8154.

The Parish will be recognizing birthday and anniversary celebrants next Sunday. Are you on our list? If not, we can’t give you the recognition you deserve! Please give your new or updated information to Sherry or Paulette. We don’t want anyone to be left out. Thank you!

First Reconciliation for 19 of our PSR students will be on Saturday, March 7, 2015. More information to follow.

Ash Wednesday, while a day of Fasting and Abstinence, is not a Holy Day of Obligation as stated in the February 8 Bulletin. Here are the Holy Days of Obligation observed in the US for 2015: January 1 (Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God), May 14 (Ascension of Jesus), August 15 (Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary), November 1 (All Saints’ Day), December 8 (Feast of the Immaculate Conception) and December 25 (Christmas). All Sundays are obligatory for the faithful to participate in the Mass.

All flowers, grave blankets and any items not attached to the headstone will be removed on March 1, 2015 to prepare for the mowing season. Also effective on this date, all future arrangements must be attached to the headstone, in a vase on the headstone or on a shepherd’s hook. Anyone interested in mowing the cemetery for 2015 should contact Gary Wiggs at (618) 967-7116 for information and a bid sheet.

Activities will continue except on days of inclement weather. Please call the Parish to verify. Thank you.

What Can I Do? – The Bible commands us to help “the least of these, my brothers and sisters…” Mt. 25:46. In our culture of death, the least of these are the defenseless, innocent children in the womb who are so incredibly vulnerable.
Learn, Act, Connect, Pray: From the first moment of existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person – among which is the inviolable right of every innocent human being to life.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church) Join or support the Respect Life Committee in your parish. Pray for those who are suffering in the aftermath of abortion. If you or someone you know is suffering, confidential non-judgmental help is available. Call Project Rachel’s toll free number: 888-456-4673 or visit or

365 Fun Facts for Catholic Kids by Bernadette Snyder
February 22 – This is the feast day called “The Chair of Saint Peter”. The chair? Well, back in the early days of the Church, each Christian would celebrate a “spiritual birthday” – the day he or she was baptized into the Church. In the same way, a bishop celebrated the day he became bishop and took over the bishop’s chair in his cathedral. Today we celebrate the occasion of Saint Peter taking over the “chair” as head of the Church on earth. Do you know what day YOU were baptized? Ask your folks to tell you all about the day you were baptized – and then celebrate your “spiritual birthday” every year!

Contribution Statements
Your 2014 Financial Contribution Statements are now available and can be found at the back of the Parish. Thank you for your continued support of St. Joseph and the Church. Please stop by and get your copy before or after Mass.

Lenten Reflection Booklets
The Magnificat Lenten Reflection Booklets are now available and can be found at the back of the church. In today’s busy pace of life, this small book, full of prayers and daily reflection readable in a few short minutes, inspires as we focus on the Lord this coming Lenten season. Please pick one up as you leave from Mass.

Mass Schedules Online
If you need to look at Mass times of the different churches in our community or anywhere in the U.S., you can go to to see what is available. The website lets one choose a particular state and shows the Parishes with their Ministry schedules. This is also handy for when one is traveling and needing to attend Mass while out of town. Check it out!

Worth Thinking About…
February 22 – Some religions have annual periods of renewal and spiritual refreshment. The Jews have the eight-day festival of the Passover, Christians have Lent, and Muslims have the month of Ramadan. On this first Sunday of our Lenten season, we read the gospel passage dealing with the temptations of Jesus. Forces of evil versus the forces of good were present to Jesus in the desert. In some degree this is true in everyone’s life. Out Lenten season is the time of final preparation for the baptism of adults into our church, so we want to pray for those who are choosing to let God direct their lives by the Catholic norms of spirituality.
From the Pray Together Missalette, page 3.

On the Lighter Side…
What excuse did Adam give to his children as to why he no longer lived in Eden? “Your mother ate us out of house and home!”
Where is the first baseball game in the bible?


For February 15:
General Fund: $1, 352.00
Ash Wednesday: 15.00
Parish Improvement 20.00
Black & Indian MIssions 5.00

Thank you to all

who give so generously
to support our parish

Saints of the Church
St. Anthony Zaccaria (1502-39); Italian priest; founder of Barnabites (Clerks Regular of St. Paul), 1530; canonized 1897; July 5.

Lenten Regulations 2015

Each year the Lord Jesus calls the entire Church to a special season of penance and renewal. As we begin this holy time of Lent, we should reflect on our need for conversation of heart, prayer, charitable works and penance. The season of Lent extends this year from Ash Wednesday, February 18, two in the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, April 2, inclusive.
Everyone 14 years of age or older is bound to abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and All Fridays of Lent.
Everyone 18 years of age and under 59 years of age is also bound to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.
On these two days of fast and abstinence, only one full meatless meal is allowed. The other meatless meals, sufficient to maintain strength, may mean taken according to one’s needs but altogether they should not equal another full meal. Eating between meals is not permitted on these two days, but liquids, including milk and fruit juices are allowed. When health or ability to work would be seriously affected, the obligation of the law is modified. Because Lent is a special season for all Christians, we should not lightly excuse ourselves from these penitential practices.
To completely disregard the law of fast and abstinence is seriously sinful.

Offertory Gifts Schedule

If you would like to have your name added to the list of those who carry up the Offertory gifts, please contact Sherry Haddick. We would like to include as many on this list as possible. If you want your name moved to the other Mass or removed from the list, let Sherry know of these changes as well. Thank you.

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St. Joseph Church is now on Facebook. You can find us at St. Joseph’s Church, Cobden . Make sure you put the apostrophe in Joseph’s. Thanks to Joe Pineau for putting it together and the regular updates.

Eucharistic Adoration

On the First Friday of most months, 12 continuous hours of Eucharistic Adoration begin at 8 AM and end at 8 PM. Mass and Benediction are at 7 PM. All are welcome. Look for sign-up sheets Back of church.


Father Uriel is available to hear Confessions on the first Friday of the month from 6 PM to 6:45 PM, on the First Saturday of the month from 8:30 AM 9:00 AM, before each Mass and Any time by appointment.

St. Joseph Catholic Church

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Bulletin Deadline

The deadline to submit an item for the bulletin is Thursday evening. You can email it to: and or text to 618-559-4347 and/or 618-967-4452. You can also call Sherry Haddick (618) 893-4638 or Luisa Vercide (618) 893-2296.