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LENT is almost here.
Forty spatial Days for extraordinary fasting, praying, giving. We will fast to sharpen our senses. We will pray to focus our attention on God in Christ. We will give up some things and give away more things, in order to give ourselves over to a Christian life of compassion and mercy.
This Lent, I want to…
This Lent, I need to…
This Lent. These days. This time.

Parish Calendar at a glance
February 7 (Sunday): Blessing of Throats at Mass; 4:00 PM Super Bowl Party
February 8 (Monday), 6:00 PM: Parish Council Meeting (Open to all Parishioners)
February 10 (Wednesday): Ash Wednesday. Masses are at 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM
Noon Ash Prayer Service. Ashes available all day.
February 12 (Friday): Fish Fry Dinner 4:00-7:00 PM.
February 17 (Wednesday), 6:30 PM: Ladies Sodality Meeting (Open to all ladies, 18 and above)

Super Bowl Party
St. Joseph will have a Super Bowl Party today at 4:00 PM in the Parish Hall. Bring an appetizer dish to share. Bring friends. And have a great time watching game on the big TV. See you there!

Blessing of Throats
St. Joseph will be offering a Blessing of Throats at all Masses in our today for the protection and for those suffering from throat maladies. This Blessing originated with St. Blaise, a bishop of Sebastea (in Armenia) who cured a boy who was brought to him while he was in prison. This boy was almost dying from a fish bone stuck in his throat. He is known as the patron saint of wild animals because he cured them while hiding in the hills to avoid persecution. Come and be blessed!

Messenger Renewal Weekend
It’s Messenger Renewal Weekend! Please stay “connected” through a subscription to The Messenger. Payments can be made in your parish envelope or online at . SUBSCRIPTION COST: Print – $25.00, Electronic – $25.00, Both – $30.00

Confirmation Retreat
St. Joseph would like to thank the REAP and Confirmation teams for the successful Retreat held here at the parish Hall this past Saturday. The retreat with led by REAP (Retreat Evangelization and Prayer) Team, a Catholic Youth Apostolate of the Archdiocese of St. Louis that uses humor, drama, games, skits, music and faith sharing to reach young people’s hearts. It was attended by the Confirmandi and their sponsors from St. Joseph and neighboring Churches.

Ash Wednesday
The penitential season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 10, 2016. It is a day of fasting and abstinence. Masses will be celebrated at 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM, as well as an Ash Prayer Service at noon. The Ashes will be available at church for everyone that day.

Lenten Regulations 2016
Each year the Lord Jesus calls the entire Church to a special season of penance and renewal. As we begin this holy time of Lent, we should reflect on our need for conversion of heart, prayer, charitable works and penance. This season of Lent extends this year from Ash Wednesday, February 10, to the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, March 24, inclusive.
1. Everyone 14 years of age or over is bound to abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and all Fridays of Lent.
2. Everyone 18 years of age and under 59 years of age is also bound to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.
3. On these two days of fast and abstinence, only one full meatless meal is allowed. The other meatless meals, sufficient to maintain strength, may be taken according to one’s needs, but altogether they should not equal another full meal. Eating between meals is not permitted on these two days, but liquids, including milk and fruit juices are allowed. When health or ability to work would be seriously and affected, the obligation of the law is modified. Because Lent is a special season for all Christians, we should not lightly excuse ourselves from these penitential practices.
4. To completely disregard the law of fast and abstinence is seriously sinful.

Respect Life Corner
Marriage-It Makes a Different – Marriage is a gift from God to men, women, children, and society. In marriage, a husband and a wife form an exclusive and lifelong bond, forge a shared financial future, promise to take care of each other “in sickness and in health” and provide a stable and loving home for any children they are blessed with.
Learn, Act, Connect, Pray: Children raised to be married persons tend to enjoy more stability, more financial resources, and more consistent discipline, and more attention than their peers in other families. To learn more about how marriage can make a difference, go to . Pray that we recognize that marriage is truly a gift from God.

Prayer List
This month (January), the Prayer List for those In Need of Healing will be cleared. We will start a fresh list with the New Year. You may contact Luisa Vercide (618-967-4452 or or Molly Davidson (618-893-4743) to have names placed on the list is needed.

365 Fun Facts for Catholic Kids by Bernadette Snyder
February 8 – Do you know what “Ash Wednesday” is? That’s a day when you go to church and the priest rubs a bit of “ash” on your forehead to remind you that Lent is beginning. And do you know what is meant by Lent? Lent usually comes in February and lasts forty days -until time to celebrate Easter. It’s a serious time to pray and think about the time when Jesus is died on the Cross to save the world. To thank Jesus, people everywhere try to do something “hard” during Lent. Some “give up” a favorite food – like candy bars or French fries or cookies – and promise not to eat these until Easter. Some even give up watching television! Others pray the rosary daily or do a “good deed” every day. What could YOU do to make this Lent a special time to say “thank you” to Jesus?

Join the Association of the Miraculous Medal’s 2016 Year of Mercy Pilgrimage to Poland
Pope Francis declared 2016 to be a Jubilee Year of Mercy. This is your invitation to journey with the Association of the Miraculous Medal by joining us on a spiritual and exciting Year of Mercy pilgrimage to Poland and Prague, October 6-15, 2016. Poland is known for its saints of mercy – St. John Paul II, St. Maximilian Kolbe, and St. Faustina Kowalska (Divine Mercy). You will not only have the opportunity to pray to these saints, but to also visit the places where they lived and worked. This trip will be a real blessing. To receive a colored brochure, or for more information please call our office 1-800-264-MARY (6279)

Worth Thinking About…
February 7 – The first reading is of the vision that Isaiah had when God called him to be a prophet. It was a vision of God seated on a throne high above the temple in Jerusalem. The train of God’s robes fall into the temple precincts. The Gospel reading takes place in Galilee. The Sea of Galilee, Lake Gennesaret and Sea of Tiberius are all names of the same body of water. Much of Jesus’ ministry took place in this area. To this day, a species of Tilapia which are found on this lake, is called St. Peter’s fish. When Jesus tells Simon to cast his net again, Peter does so, even though he is exhausted. We might think about how we react God asks us to do something and we don’t feel up to it.
From the Pray Together Missalette, page 3.

On the Lighter Side…
A cat and mouse died on the same day and went up to heaven.
At the top they met God and He asked them, “How do you like it so far?”
The mouse replied, “It’s great but can I get a pair of roller skates?”
God said, “Sure” and gave him a pair of roller skates.
The next day God saw the cat and asked him, “How do you like it up here so far?”
The cat replied, “Great! I didn’t know you had Meals-on-Wheels up here!”.


God, who is merciful, desires our mercy. Here are 56 ways (eight shown at a time) to keep to mercy during the Jubilee Year. Try randomly selecting one each week and putting it into practice:

9. Have masses said for the living: friends and family members, even strangers you have read/hear about, who are having a hard time.
10. Be generous enough to allow someone to help you; people need to feel needed.
11. If you didn’t mean to be a pain in the neck someone, admit you were and ask the person to forgive you.
12. Take a tip from Cardinal Timothy Dolan and carry around $5 Starbucks and McDonald’s gift cards for the homeless.
13. Take time in prayer to contemplate the good qualities of someone who is difficult for you. Do the same for each member of your family.
14. Send a card, flowers, gift or note to someone on the six-month anniversary of his or her loved one’s death.
By then, most people have stopped recognizing their grief.
15. Offer to babysit for a busy mom to go out and have a couple hours to herself.
16. Make a meal (or buy a gift certificate) for a mom who’s just given birth or adopted a child, or for someone who is just gone through a loss.

of Treasure
For January 31, 2016:
General Fund: $1, 307.00
Help Defray Salaries: $10.00

Thank you to all who give so

generously to support our Parish.

Saints of the Church

St. Dominic Savio (1842-57): Italian youth; pupil of St. John Bosco; died before his 15th birthday; canonized 1954; patron of choir boys; May 6.

What’s That?
Acolytes: Ones who assist in the celebration (i.e., carrying candles, holding the Pope’s staff, miter, etc.)

Offertory Gifts Schedule

If you would like to have your name added to the list of those who carry up the Offertory gifts, please contact Sherry Haddick. We would like to include as many on this list as possible. If you want your name moved to the other Mass or removed from the list, let Sherry know of these changes as well. Thank you.

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Mass Schedule
Monday – Saturday:  8:15 AM
First Friday:  7:00 PM
Sunday:  8:00 AM, 10:15 AM
5:00 PM (Spanish)

Eucharistic Adoration

On the First Friday of most months, 12 continuous hours of Eucharistic Adoration begin at 8 AM and end at 8 PM. Mass and Benediction are at 7 PM. All are welcome. Look for sign-up sheets Back of church.


Before Masses
First Fridays:  6:00-6:45 PM
First Saturdays:  8:45-9:30 AM
Fr. Uriel may also be called anytime for
an appointment.

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Parish Council President: Patty Blakely

Bulletin Deadline

The deadline to submit an item for the bulletin is Thursday evening. You can email it to: and or text to 618-559-4347 and/or 618-967-4452. You can also call Sherry Haddick (618) 893-4638 or Luisa Vercide (618) 893-2296.